How to Stream UFC 270: Ngannou vs Gane, Cards, Date, Time, Location, Tickets and PPV live on ESPN+


UFC 270 is an upcoming MMA pay-per-view event from the Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion to take place on January 22, 2022. The main event for the show is the UFC Heavyweight Championship unification bout between Francis Ngannou(full-time champion) and Ciryl Gane(interim champion). This will be the first UFC PPV of the year 2022.

The trilogy fight between Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo for the flyweight championship is the co-main event of UFC 270. Greg Hardy vs Alexey Oleynik heavyweight bout, and Movsar Evloev vs Ilia Topuria featherweight bout will be on the main card.

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Read on to check the fight card, date, start time, location, latest news, updates, and ticket information for UFC 270: Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane.


UFC 270: Ngannou vs Gane Date Time & Location

Date:22 January 2022
Time:Main Card- 10 PM PST
Prelims:8 PM EST
Early Prelims:6:15 PM EST
Location:Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, US.
Live Stream:Click Here

How to get UFC 270 Tickets

The tickets for UFC 270 can be purchased from VIVID Seats.

Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming Online Live

UFC fights are the ultimate MMA experience. However, getting to see them live can be a challenge if you live anywhere outside the USA. Continue reading to find out more about how you can use ExpressVPN to watch UFC 270 Live Streaming worldwide privately and securely.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The UFC is a Las Vegas, USA-based platform for promoting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The UFC hosts nearly 42 different fight events throughout the year, such as UFC numbered events and Fight Nights. The former features higher profile fighters and more significant bouts. In contrast, the former is usually a singular event with less significant fighters. The real appeal of MMA is that it brings together people from diverse martial arts disciplines, fighting styles, and backgrounds. There is always something for everyone at a UFC fight.

On  Jan 22, 2022 UFC 270 is bringing Francis Ngannou vs. Ciryl Gane to the ring. The show will take place at the Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, US.

What Devices can I use to Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming?

You can use any device, be it Smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones, tablets, TV devices, and entertainment hubs like Apple TV and Roku. However, more important than the device is the platform or streaming service you use.


The best platform available currently is UFC Fight Pass. It is the home of UFC Pay-Per-Views (PPV) and subscription-based content. From here, you can stream the greatest fights in MMA on your Fire Tv, Roku, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, PS4, Xbox One, or any Smart TV with app installation options. Worldwide, UFC Fight Pass is the ideal source for anything UFC has to offer.

On the other hand, ESPN also offers PPV coverage of UFC. Best of all, they provide the same level of service as the official UFC apps. Unfortunately, some of their content remains locked for access from certain countries.

In the UK, BTSports is the recommended source for streaming anything UFC. The only downside, similar to ESPN, is that you can use BTSports only from within the UK and Ireland. However, you can quickly circumvent this problem by using a VPN.

How can I watch UFC 270 Live Streaming from anywhere

As we mentioned earlier, bypassing geo-restricted content is a valid concern for MMA fans everywhere. However, not to worry, as the best solution is to use a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. By rerouting your traffic through international high-speed servers, ExpressVPN anonymizes your internet traffic and makes it seem like it originates from whatever country you choose. Furthermore, using AES 256-bit encryption technology, this VPN service protects you from spyware, malware, and hackers. All the official channels require sensitive billing details, the main target for all three nuisances mentioned above.


The installation process may vary slightly from device to device, but, in a gist, here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, go to and purchase a subscription that suits your needs;
  2. Then, from the same site, download the installation package unique to your device;
    1. You can also search for ‘ExpressVPN’ on the official app store if your device has one;
  3. Once installed, use the Smart Connect ‘feature for automatic selection of the best IP Address and server combination;
    1. You can also select the server manually if needed;
  4. Then enjoy watching UFC 270 Live Stream!

On the other hand, click here to find out how to install ExpressVPN to your router instead. It bypasses the need to protect each device by shielding all internet traffic coming through the router.

How Can I Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming

Now we get to the real reason you are here: How Can I watch UFC Live Streaming live online. On Kodi, you can stream content through third-party streaming add-ons. One of the best for watching UFC fights is Planet MMA.


How Can I Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming on Kodi

Kodi is a media-playing application compatible with several devices, including Smart TVs, PCs, and mobile. To watch UFC Live Streaming on Kodi, you need to install third-party add-ons such as Venom, The Magic Dragon, or Planet MMA. Here’s how you can use add-ons to watch UFC Live Streaming on Kodi with Planet MMA:

  1. First, install ExpressVPN to your device or the main router;
  2. Purchase a subscription, sign in and select a USA server and IP address;
  3. First, add the Supremecy repository source to Kodi ( );
  4. Then install ‘repository.supremacy-XXzip’;
  5. Then install the Planet MMA from the ‘Video Add-ons’ section;
  6. Once installed, browse for UFC and watch UFC Live Streaming.
  7. Instead of Planet MMA, you can use The Magic Dragon ( for the source);
  8. You can also use SportsDevil ( as the source).

How Can I Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming on Roku

Roku is a brand of media playing and streaming devices equipped with all the best streaming apps. You can get the streaming stick add-ons or buy the Roku TV with everything built-in. Here’s How Can I use Roku to watch UFC Live Streaming :

  1. First, download the correct installer from the site and run it;
  2. Purchase a subscription, sign in and select a USA server and IP address;
  3. Then search for either ‘UFC’ or ‘ESPN’ in the ‘Streaming Channels’ section;
  4. Sign in or, if you do not have an account, sign up;
  5. For UFC, you can get the subscription plan or PPV for each fight;
  6. For ESPN, you have first to purchase a subscription and then get PPV for each fight event;
  7. Then watch UFC Live Streaming and enjoy!

How Can I Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming on Apple TV

Apple TV is a popular home entertainment system that offers Netflix and Disney + and original Apple TV content. Here’s How Can I watch UFC Live Streaming on Apple TV from anywhere:

  1. First, download and install ExpressVPN from the app store after purchasing a subscription;
  2. Purchase a subscription, sign in and select a USA server and IP address;
  3. Download either the UFC Fight Pass or ESPN app from the app store;
  4. Log in with your current details or create a new account;
  5. Purchase the relevant subscription or order the PPV for each fight;
  6. Watch UFC Live Streaming on Apple TV!

How Can I Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming on a Smart TV

Almost all TVs these days classify as Smart TVs. Here’s How Can I watch UFC Live Streaming on a Smart TV :

  1. First, download and install ExpressVPN from your Smart TV’s app store or install the VPN to your router ;
  2. Purchase a subscription, sign in and select a USA server and IP address;
  3. Then, if you have an LG Smart TV:
    1. Download UFC or the ESPN + app from the ‘Premium’ section of the LG Content Store app;
    2. Then click on ‘Install’ and sign in;
    3. Purchase a subscription order the PPV if you have not already.
  4. Or if you have a Samsung Smart TV:
    1. Search for ‘UFC’ or ESPN + in the Apps section;
    2. Download and install for your Samsung TV;
    3. Select ‘Open’ and log in with your credentials;
    4. Order the PPV or buy a subscription if you have not already.

How Can I Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming on PS4

The PS4 is a multipurpose entertainment tool that works just as well for gaming, streaming movies and other content. Here’s how you can watch UFC Live Streaming on your PS4 with ESPN +.

  1. Open up your browser in the ‘Contents section’ of your PS4;
  2. First, go to and download the PS4 installer;
  3. Once installed, purchase a subscription and select a USA IP address and server;
  4. Then navigate to the PlayStation Store and download the ESPN app;
  5. Once installed, sign in and order the PPV (make sure you already have an ESPN + subscription).

How Can I Watch UFC 270 Live Streaming on Firestick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a contender for the most popular streaming device. Watch UFC Live Streaming on Firestick by doing the following:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription ;
  2. Then download and install ExpressVPN for your device ;
  3. Once installed, select a USA server and IP address;
  4. Then go back to the home screen;
  5. Type ‘UFC’ or ESPN in the search bar depending on what you want to use;
  6. Install your preferred app and log in or create a new account;
  7. Purchase the ESPN subscription or order the PPV (this you can do on either platform;
  8. Watch UFC Live Streaming on Firestick!

Can I Watch UFC 270  Live Streaming for free

It isn’t easy to ascertain the legality of watching UFC Live Streaming events for free. However, there are many streaming services available online that cater to this problem. One of the most popular is Unfortunately, you can only access from Russia, and therefore, you need a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass these geo-restrictions. Follow the steps below to access

  1. First, subscribe to ExpressVPN and download the installer for your device;
  2. Then select a Russian IP address and Russian server when prompted for a connection;
  3. Then go to to watch UFC Live Streaming for free.

Final Talk

The UFC is responsible for attracting the largest audience of MMA fans globally. If you are one of them and want to watch UFC 270  Live Streaming on your favorite device, remember first to use protection. Download and install ExpressVPN to hide your identity online and protect you from the people looking over your shoulder.


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